Full Service Interior Design Consultation

Step 1: Consultation

The design consultation is the starting point. During this first meeting we will discuss the scope of your project, your goals and your budget. We’ll discuss your tastes, your lifestyle, and how you intend to use the space. You’ll want to make sure all decision-makers are at this meeting within 90 minute of consultation time.

 During the consultation we will cover:

1. The scope of your project in detail;

This will include all the rooms involved in the project, how you intend to use each room, and your ideas and goals for each space.

2. Your tastes, preferences, likes, dislikes, style and lifestyle;

I’ll ask lots of questions and we’ll focus in on your tastes; deciding what’s staying in your home, what you can part with, and discuss some inspirational pieces such as artwork, antiques, or photos you have seen.)

3. Budget

4. Assign the Main Contact

If there is more than one decision-maker, you will assign one to be the contact person for the project. This person will be the one that makes decisions and approves the proposals. This will also be the person we will have direct contact with and receive direction from during the course of the project. Because it is not always possible to meet with both people at the same time, the contact person will be responsible for communicating any ideas or decisions to his or partner.

5. Site Measurements and Photos

I will personally measure the space and take photos to reference back to when needed for design concept and space planning. Contractors and Tradesmen may need to come and confirm measurements for their particular project if needed.

Step 2: Space Planning

Congratulations! We have decided to move forward and bring to life your new space!

Carefully considered space planning is crucial to a well-designed space. After all the measurements have been taken I will develop floor plans for each room. Floor plans allow us to determine what pieces will best fit into the space, how it is arranged, and the scale of each piece. We will then schedule a meeting to review each floor plan and discuss the pros and cons of each. 

Step 3: Design Concept

Once we have decided on a floor plan, the next step is to create the design scheme. Sometimes Space Planning and the Design Concept can overlap in the design process. Yet the Design Concept starts with developing a color scheme, sourcing fabrics, furniture, fixtures and materials. Custom furniture and built-ins are designed and finishes chosen. Materials for flooring, counters and cabinetry are selected. Wall and floor coverings are considered. Window treatments are designed and fabrics, trims and hardware are chosen. A lighting plan is developed if changing electrical and design boards, samples and pictures are gathered. Quotes and pricing are researched. Every detail is considered.

 Throughout this step there will be a fair amount of communication and there may be intermediate meetings to discuss certain elements of the design. Creating the design concept is a multi-faceted process and generally requires several weeks, depending on the scope of your project.

Step 4: Concept Presentation and Approval

Once the design concept is ready to present, we will scheduled a meeting. You will be presented with carefully edited selections that represent the best choices for your space. We will go through the design in detail and you will be presented with fabrics, drawings, photos and samples for each element in the design. For some elements you’ll be presented with a few options. During the meeting you’ll provide feedback and we’ll narrow down the options to the best one for each element. If there are items that need to be re-sourced we’ll discuss the steps involved with that.

 By the end of the meeting we should have a complete design concept that meets your approval. If you want to see, touch, feel or sit on some of your furniture options we can arrange a trip to the showroom. Timely approval of the design concept is crucial for maintaining accurate pricing and ensuring the availability of some design elements (fabrics or antiques, for example). Once approved and all elements are finalized we can begin executing on the design.

Step 5: Scheduling, Procurement, and Implementation

This is when we can begin to schedule tradesmen as necessary ie. Painters, Wall hangers, Contractors. All scheduling can be done through me unless otherwise preferred through client. All purchases through AM Spence Interiors are non-refundable once ordered. A 50% deposit/retainer is required before to place order. Once items are implemented in the home the rest of the payment will be collected with any additional shipping or incurred costs.

Ordering of goods, furnishings, fabric etc is organized, and purchased through the designer. Monthly invoices will be issued to the client with a 14 day re-imbursement allotment. Often times discounts are offered to the trade when purchased directly through the designer. I extend 50% of my discount off the retail price to my clients. For example:

A West Elm Dining Table retails to a customer for $1,000:

I am able to receive 20% off with my relationship/trade license at this particular retailer. Therefore I would extend 10% off to my client and receive 10% as the mark-up fee. You just saved $100 for hiring me.

This is a perk to the client for hiring an interior designer and a way for the designer to be paid for their time and overhead. All details of costs, mark-ups, etc. will be included in invoice. Goods are preferably delivered to the home of the client upon delivery.

We are almost done! Implementation of the project will take place as needed through contractors, designer and client. We can discuss what you think you can do on your own or would like to source out… aka painting, installing shelving, desks, etc. I am happy to schedule and implement this part of the project if needed. This would be under project management services.

I think that concludes what to expect in these forthcoming months! I am pleased you have decided to work with me and look forward to having fun and getting to know you in this process! Please feel free to email me, call, or text anytime!

Thank you, 

Anna-Marie Spence